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John 3:16

~For God So Loved The World~

27 January
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(Character journal for donnellyschool)

So, uh, hi. I'm Noah, er, Snitch. I'm 17 now, still a student at Donnelly School of the Arts. Tag said I had to do this.

I'd rather be playing.

I think I'll do that now.


Full name: Noah Flake

Age: 17

Birthday: 01/27/88

Year: Junior

Family/background: Snitch was raised in a predominantly Catholic family. He grew up fairly religious, until he turned thirteen and became The Rebellious Teen. Being young and naive, he never did anything that could be considered extremely terrible (the worst thing he ever did was steal a pack of gum from the Circle K... and even then, he went back and returned it). He eventually grew out of this stage and returned to being a Catholic, though now he'll never be a priest like his father wanted; during his exploratory stage, Snitch broke away from the Christian bands he'd grown up with and started listening to "The Greats": Louis Armstrong, Dizzy Gillespie, Benny Goodman, Glenn Miller... he decided that he wanted nothing more than to be able to play music like these "geniuses." So he picked up the trumpet, and has been devoted ever since. Not that his parents are happy with this, but they pay for everything anyway, just to shut him up. Snitch turns to his older brother, Adam, who is stationed in Europe with the Marines, for support. Snitch's list of important things looks like this: 1) Adam, 2) Trumpet, 3) Band, 4) Everything else. There is no one Snitch respects or loves more than his brother. He gets along okay with his parents though; it's just more likely that, if you see him writing, it's to his brother.

Likes: Band, trumpet, brass, music of any sort (except the toxic waste that is techno, pop and gangsta rap), rhythms, the show Arrested Development, practicing, the neo-swing movement, also has a slight thing for the anime series Neon Genesis Evangelion

Dislikes: Writing essays, being bothered during practice, the toxic waste that is techno, pop and gangsta rap, reading, piccolos and their inability to freaking TUNE

Favorite/least favorite class: His favorite class is band, without a doubt. Least favorite is Lit/English. He hates writing and reading.

Appearance/style: Snitch keeps his dark hair long-ish, letting his hair curl around his eyebrows and ears. He wants sideburns and a goatee, but his mom draws the line at the long hair. He has a fairly conservative style, however, with dress shirts, nice slacks, shiny shoes and the occasional tie when he feels like it. It's an interesting but effective look, especially combined with his briefcase-style trumpet case.

Personality: Snitch is, for the most part, a typical trumpet player. Brash and easygoing, he can be both easy and difficult to make friends with. He's very moody, changing from angry to happy to sad within moments. He doesn't usually hold grudges against other people, but it's very easy to make him hold something against himself. Abstinent and religious, Snitch is probably the only trumpet player in the entire word that doesn't swear as a language in its own. Coarse language only escapes his mouth when he's angry or severely upset. And sometimes, not even then. Snitch is very heterosexual, and very fun to be around, if you catch him the right way. He's uncomfortable with nudity and sexuality, though if he knows you well enough, he will be willing to discuss or tease about it. He doesn't like undressing in front of people; he's never more naked than an undershirt and boxers, and rarely even then. He's not very popular, probably something to do with his temper, and therefore tends to cling almost obsessively to the few friends he has. He hates being left out of things, hates being ignored or stood up or left behind. As all adolescents must sometime do, Snitch has just started to see and realize the kind of person he is, and has decided he does not like that person. In his attempt to change, his self-esteem has plummetted, making him very fragile and overly needy. He craves acceptance from the masses, but can't seem to figure out a way to achieve such. So, instead, he whines and pouts and sulks to the few friends he has. Snitch is a talker and a musician; he hates silence and will usually start talking just to make noise. As someone who has studied music as long as he has, Snitch can't help but twitch and make noise everywhere he goes, humming songs or tapping rhythms out on his knees or thighs.